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Steven Washington for Mayor of Wilmington 


A Message for the People of Wilmington


     Now that the Democratic primary is over and the legal deadline for Delaware write-in candidates has past, the political fallout is settling. WE the People of Wilmington face a critical choice in the general election. The vast majority of our community has been under-represented as our so-called "leaders" have remained silent. This simply can't go on if we are to advance as individuals and as

a greater Wilmington city and human community! Machine politics as usual and its way of exclusion has brought us to where we are today.

      I am here to say that there is an independent alternative. In order to break  off the chains of unemployment, crime, miseducation and despair, we must take matters into our own hands, unite as a community and actively work together for a better Wilmington by sending the machine a message that it will never forget. 

     We are the People. We won't be bought, sold or conned. We know how to change the game. We won't be taken for granted. By electing an independent Mayor and City Councilman at Large K. Emmanuel Macgruder,  we will be on the cutting edge of the new urban movement of community action and government reform in our interest -- the greater public interest. Believe it or not, every person has power.  By combining our power, energy and talent for our common goals, we can move mountains, change the course of our common destiny, and improve our situation. 

     Good news is pouring in from all over Wilmington and beyond. People are coming together across racial, ethnic, religious, economic, social, and party lines in support of our campaign -- the People's Campaign. My opponent may have the BIG MONEY behind him, but the community has arisen. WE are on the move for real change through inclusion instead of the exclusion, neglect and political "dope" we have been fed for the past 40 years. This election isn't just about changing mayors. It's about taking your power and lives back from insiders, fat cats, drug dealers, street criminals and self-centered politicians.

     Our work is clearly cut out for us. I simply can't do it alone. We need volunteers, contributions and your active participation in our campaign. My opponent is counting on you to stay at home and do nothing, and he has overplayed his hand. We have an opportunity to change our destiny.  In the face of unity in the community, vitality,  creativity, the political machine will sputter, choke and crumble into dust and debris. Nothing will change if we continue to sit on the sidelines while our fate is decided behind closed doors. It's a high time to get city government out in the open. Ultimately, the power and responsibility lies in our hands. The power to cast off the chains of the failed policies of the past and to create a new Wilmington era towards a better future for all citizens of Wilmington, not just the privileged few.

     If you are not registered to vote, your power to decide will not be counted on Election Day, so please register to vote immediately. 

If you are not able to get to your polling place, apply for an absentee ballot. This is your chance. Take it and run with it!

     We especially need checker / challengers at every polling place to ensure the integrity of our election. We need a bull horn in every

neighborhood, people on the phones and people to help us get out and vote on NOVEMBER 8. If we can do this, it's on to victory -- 

victory for the people.  After the election, the real work of rebuilding our city will begin.  That is why we must continue to work 

together for a better Wilmington. The stakes are simply too high and the opportunity is too good to waste. You are integrity of the process.

     The choice is clear:  a BIG MONEY Republican posing a Democrat bought and paid for by special interests who cares about the waterfront or an INDEPENDENT candidate of the People who cares about YOU.

     Please contact me as soon as possible to get on board the freedom train. On NOVEMBER 8, DECLARE YOUR INDEPENDENCE.

VOTE Steven Washington for Wilmington.

Thank you for your support.


Steven Washington (M.Ed.),  

The INDEPENDENT Alternative to the machine of exclusion.

for  MAYOR