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Steven Washington for Mayor of Wilmington 


More and more people in Wilmington are getting sick and tired of politics as usual and  feel that they have been left out of the decision making processes that affect their daily livesAs your neighbor and fellow community member, I am deeply concerned about the future of our city and YOU, the People. 

Together, we face many difficult problems and major challenges -- Education, Employment, Safe Streets, Crime, Mismanagement -- the list goes on and on. Our current situation in Wilmington speaks for itself and it really will not improve, until WE choose a different path to enhance a better future.

Wilmington is currently controlled by powerful political insiders with a fixed mind-set, they react to any / everything, and operate under the good old boy network. The same machine like party that we built has operated as such for a very long time.  Politics has been closed and our city has experienced many challenges.  It’s time for a major positive change which must include a growth mind-set while being proactive and transparent.  We need to think outside of the box and seek a more innovative approach in solving our city's challenges.

That is why you, the People should be included in the political decisions that affect you, prior to instead of thereafter. That's why I filed as an INDEPENDENT candidate for Mayor and that’s why I am running.  WE now have a clear alternative choice to the machine.

By including all sectors of the Wilmington community and working together for a better future, we will progress positively. I can’t do it alone and seriously need your help. Please share your concerns, as I am working for YOU.

Call (302) 602-5149  or  e-mail: steven@washingtonforwilmington.com 

WRITE: PO BOX 11371, Wilmington, DE 19850

Please get involved by donating or volunteering in our community-based reform campaign.  


Thank You,

Steven Washington, M.Ed.